West Coast Bus Routes: Travel in Comfort and Style

west coast bus routes from MisionerosEveryone dreams of traveling. Some use credit cards that provide airline miles as rewards while others simply save up in order to go on that one trip they’ve been dreaming of. As far as travel goes, however, it’s as complicated as it’s ever been. Choosing to fly, for instance, is expensive (especially if you’re traveling with an entire family.) For this reason, many people simply avoid traveling full stop. Some may dislike cramped airports or would rather not drive countless hours to arrive in some location. But we, as a species, need to travel in order to expand our worldview and experience new adventures. The best way to travel is by bus. If you’re planning on finally visiting the West Coast, choose Misioneros Bus Lines! Our daily west coast bus routes will take the hassle out of traveling so you can enjoy your trip.

Visit The West Coast Without Hassle

If you live in the border region (El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez, etc.) you’re well aware of the desert landscapes and hot, summer days. Perhaps you long to see the beach and dip your toes in the refreshing water of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe you have a calendar of the West Coast in your home or office and it constantly taunts you, calling you to see the real thing with your own eyes. Well, this dream can easily become a reality if you set your mind to it! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars of plane tickets, you can choose Misioneros Bus Lines as your travel companion. We offer daily West Coast bus routes so you can plan accordingly. Our prices are affordable and our busses are designed for optimum comfort.

Our West Coast Bus Route, Explained

The West Coast is vast and beautiful. As such, our bus route is designed specifically to make stops in the most sought-after locations. From Huntington Park, California to Portland, Oregon and Pasco, Washington, this route passes through the best of the best. Plan accordingly and send a fun week or two away in the magical land of the West Coast. Plane have layovers in certain towns but they only last a few hours at most. Our bus trips, on the other hand, give you the ability to get off in Huntington Park, California and spend a day or two there then, whenever you want to continue your voyage, you can simply board another Misioneros Bus on the West Coast route! This is traveling as it should be, with unbridled freedom and comfort!