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Misioneros Bus Lines:

The Safest Way to Travel Across North America

When it comes to travel, buses are a great option. Not only are buses efficient and affordable, they also provide unbridaled safety. In fact, traveling by bus is much safer than travelling by car, plane, or train. Ultimate bus safety is achieved through reliable buses driven by experienced drivers. In order to provide the safest travel, Misioneros Bus Lines holds values close to heart that translate to guaranteed safety for all passengers.

back view of misioneros white charter bus

Bus Safety Starts with the Driver

Since buses are able to safely transport a large amount of people across long distances, they are a great option for families or groups. In order to safely transport these large groups, Misioneros Bus Lines only employs drivers that have 10 or more years of experience.

Experienced drivers provide peace of mind to travelers. Our drivers understand the importance of bus safety. It is the bus driver’s responsibility to transport travelers from Point A to Point B in the safest way possible, after all. When experienced bus drivers gets behind the wheel of charter buses, they know exactly what to expect on the road ahead. Proper experience and training leads to a reliable driver.

The Safest Buses on the Road

In order to fully encapsulate the importance of bus safety, one must look at the buses themselves. The Misioneros Bus Lines fleet is inspected, verified and certified periodically by the United States Department of Motor Vehicles regularly. In addition, our buses are insured up to 5 million dollars.

Since our fleet is made up of late-model buses, they are equipped with 3 point security seatbelts and provide added amenities such as USB and electrical outlets, ergonomically designed seats, and onboard wifi. Our passengers are as safe as they are comfortable.

The Importance of Bus Safety on North American Roads

The perfect combination of brand new buses and experienced drivers allows Misioneros Bus Lines to provide the safest service possible. When transporting large groups of people, safety is a priority. All too often, travelers decide to take more expensive or more burdensome routes in order to get to their destinations. Bus transportation provides the necessary comforts and required safety at an affordable price.