How To Prepare For Your First Cross Country Bus Ride

woman sleeping on bus rides wearing an eye mask and a neck pillowThe best way to experience the true beauty of the United States first-hand is by embarking on cross-country bus rides. If you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable way to see the West Coast, choose Misioneros Bus Lines. Our daily West Coast routes make traveling easy and effortless. But if this is your first time partaking in a long, cross-country bus ride, you may need to prepare accordingly. We’re here to help. We’ve outlined a few tips and tricks that can make your first journey one for the books!

#1) Dress Comfortably

Since bus rides are much longer than plane trips, you should wear comfortable clothing. The temperature within buses tends to fluctuate between hot and cold, depending on the time of day and outside temperature. With this in mind, it might be best to layer in such a way that you can remove a layer of clothing in order to be more comfortable if necessary. A bus ride can be ruined by not dressing appropriately. Make sure to look up what the weather will be at your final destination, as well.

#2) Pack Snacks

Although buses do make stops throughout their journeys, they’re often few and far between. If your particular bus ride is a long one, pack a few snacks and even some water bottles to satiate you throughout the journey. Pack snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, as well. Peanuts, sandwiches, fruit, and chips are just a few examples of what you can bring. Not only will this save you from hunger while on your trip, it will also be more affordable than buying food at gas stations!

#3) Don’t Forget the Entertainment

Even though the Misioneros Bus Lines fleet are all state-of-the-art buses with comfortable seats and televisions, you should still bring your own forms of entertainment. Bus rides up the West Coast can take many hours so it’s best to have options to keep yourself entertained during that time. Books, music, crossword puzzles, and portable video game systems can all come in handy.

#4) Relax and Unwind!

Since you’ll be on a bus for many hours, you can take advantage of the comfortable seats and sleep until you reach your destination. Bring a small blanket, a neck pillow, and maybe even soundproofing earphones and a sleeping mask. You’ll sleep as soundly as a baby! And you’ll be rewarded by reaching your destination as you sleep. It doesn’t get much better than this!

#5) When it Comes to Bus Rides, Choose Misioneros Bus Lines!

Misioneros Bus Lines proudly transports individuals and groups across the United States and throughout Mexico. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!