Why Charter Bus Rental Services are Your Best Option

charter bus taking a group of travelers on a journey as the sun setsWhat does it take to fulfill one’s dreams? All too often, our dreams are squandered by the harsh realities of life. Take travel, for example. Many people grow up with aspirations of travel filling their minds. But travel is an expensive undertaking, especially when it includes families or large groups. Instead of letting your dreams wither away, you can consider charter bus rental services from Misioneros Bus Lines. Keep reading to learn more about what you can accomplish by choosing our charter bus services to make your dreams come to fruition!

No Need to Wait for Hours at the Airport

Air travel is the fastest option available but it’s also incredibly inconvenient and expensive. If you’re planning on taking a large group of people on a long-distance trip, you’ll probably faint when you see the cost of all those plane tickets! Not only are airlines notoriously pricy, but the entire process of getting from the airport to the airplane itself can be the most tedious and uncomfortable things anyone could ever go through. Now, imagine you have to transport your entire group through TSA, then you have to all run to your gate on time as to not miss the flight. Once inside the play, you have to worry about sitting in cramped seats or next to someone who snores or hogs the armrest. All of these uncomfortable issues can be avoided completely by choosing charter bus services, instead.

Get Where You Need to Be Without A Single Worry!

When it comes to traveling, many people have to compromise. Perhaps it’s due to the cost or to the time you have available to you. No matter the situation, it’s always heartbreaking to have to make that decision, to cut a vacation short in order to make the vacation a reality. Well, when you choose our charter bus services, you won’t have to compromise! Our buses are large, comfortable, and modern so your entire group will feel right at home as they travel in style. The charter bus works on your own schedule so you won’t have to worry about getting through the gate on time! There’s no better way to travel than by charter bus.

Misioneros Bus Lines Can Make Your Dream Vacation a Reality!

If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, give us a call! Misioneros Bus Lines strives to provide comfortable bus services to all. With our help, your dream vacation will become a reality in no time.

West Coast Bus Routes: Travel in Comfort and Style

west coast bus routes from MisionerosEveryone dreams of traveling. Some use credit cards that provide airline miles as rewards while others simply save up in order to go on that one trip they’ve been dreaming of. As far as travel goes, however, it’s as complicated as it’s ever been. Choosing to fly, for instance, is expensive (especially if you’re traveling with an entire family.) For this reason, many people simply avoid traveling full stop. Some may dislike cramped airports or would rather not drive countless hours to arrive in some location. But we, as a species, need to travel in order to expand our worldview and experience new adventures. The best way to travel is by bus. If you’re planning on finally visiting the West Coast, choose Misioneros Bus Lines! Our daily west coast bus routes will take the hassle out of traveling so you can enjoy your trip.

Visit The West Coast Without Hassle

If you live in the border region (El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez, etc.) you’re well aware of the desert landscapes and hot, summer days. Perhaps you long to see the beach and dip your toes in the refreshing water of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe you have a calendar of the West Coast in your home or office and it constantly taunts you, calling you to see the real thing with your own eyes. Well, this dream can easily become a reality if you set your mind to it! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars of plane tickets, you can choose Misioneros Bus Lines as your travel companion. We offer daily West Coast bus routes so you can plan accordingly. Our prices are affordable and our busses are designed for optimum comfort.

Our West Coast Bus Route, Explained

The West Coast is vast and beautiful. As such, our bus route is designed specifically to make stops in the most sought-after locations. From Huntington Park, California to Portland, Oregon and Pasco, Washington, this route passes through the best of the best. Plan accordingly and send a fun week or two away in the magical land of the West Coast. Plane have layovers in certain towns but they only last a few hours at most. Our bus trips, on the other hand, give you the ability to get off in Huntington Park, California and spend a day or two there then, whenever you want to continue your voyage, you can simply board another Misioneros Bus on the West Coast route! This is traveling as it should be, with unbridled freedom and comfort!

The Benefits of Bus Transportation the Holiday Season

The holiday season is well-known for a handful of things. Apart from presents, family, and cold weather, the holiday season is synonymous with travel. Perhaps you’re planning on taking a plane trip across the country in order to spend Christmas with the parents or you need to load up the entire family in the minivan in order to go on the yearly holiday road trip. Whatever the case may be, you’re probably dreading the aforementioned trip. Whether you’re traveling by minivan or airplane, you’ll more-than-likely feel cramped and uncomfortable. Plane trips are also notoriously expensive so if you have to transport your entire family, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny. Thankfully, there’s a better option for you to consider: bus transportation!

Comfortable Rides Feel Like a Dream

Why should you squeeze yourself into an uncomfortable airplane seat, crammed between two large people, in order to visit your family this holiday season? All too often, people simply become numb to the fact that things in life are not as great as they should be. Travelers simply decide to suffer, be it for an hour or seven, as the trip takes place. But you’re already paying a lot of money for these plane tickets, shouldn’t the trip be at least somewhat comfortable? And don’t get us started on the entire airport fiasco! When you choose bus transportation, you’ll never have to worry about cramped or uncomfortable seats. Misioneros Bus Lines is devoted to high-quality comfort so you’ll be able to sit back and relax while our incredible drivers take you and your family where you need to be!

Affordable Prices, Even for Long-Distance Trips!

We’ve reiterated it time and time again, but most trips are expensive! Perhaps planes are faster but their cost far outweighs the benefits. Save money (and your sanity) by choosing bus transportation services from Misioneros Bus Lines. We make it easy for our clients to get where they need to be. Whether your family is small, medium, or large, we’ll have seats for them all! And you’ll be able to rest easy knowing the trip won’t break the bank.

Get Where You Need To Be This Holiday Season!

Misioneros Bus Lines stands apart from other bus companies in the Southwest in a variety of ways, chief among them being our excellent prices and customer service! If you’re ready to make your holiday vacation as effortless as possible, give Misioneros Bus Lines a call!

Why Our Charter Bus Rental Services are Your Best Option

a woman resting in a charter busWhat’s the best way to transport a large group of people? When it comes to making the right decision for your group, you need to consider the price, the number of travelers, and the distance you need to travel. Each detail will play into the overall outcome and success of the particular trip. When it comes down to it, charter bus rental services are the best of the best. Not only are they more affordable, but they’re also more comfortable (especially for larger groups.)

Get There Without Worrying

Planes may be faster but they’re also much more expensive than charter busses. Not only that but airports should be avoided at all costs during the holiday season. Instead of standing around in seemingly never-ending lines at the airport, your entire group can travel together in comfort and style when you choose charter bus rental services from Misioneros Bus Line. Other options, such as driving or traveling by train, will lead to a more convoluted trip. Avoid any confusion or excess cost by renting a charter bus!

What To Expect from Charter Bus Travel

So, now that you’ve decided on taking a charter bus from Misioneros Bus Line on your trip, how do you prepare? Our busses are outfitted with comfortable reclining seats, outlets and restrooms. This means you’ll be able to bring a blanket and pillow so you’ll be able to relax while you travel. Say goodbye to cramped legs or tight spaces. By hiring a charter bus, you’ll basically have your very own bus so no need to worry about giving up your seat or sitting next to an annoying passenger. Our charter buses also come outfitted with televisions and DVD players so you can play a movie or two to entertain the rest of your group during your trip!

Comfort and Safety

Not only are our charter busses incredibly comfortable, but they’re also superbly safe. In fact, safety is our top priority. Your group will be in safe hands and you will arrive at your destination safe and sound. Don’t leave it up to chance. Give Misioneros Bus Lines a call today to learn more about our charter bus rental services.

Choose Bus Rides for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

a Misioneros Bus Line charter bus preparing for a handful of bus rides across the countryWith the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to plan your upcoming trips as efficiently as possible. Flying may be the quickest option but it’s also the most expensive one. Driving may be more affordable but it’s also the most tiring. If you’re looking for a happy medium, choose Misioneros Bus Lines! Bus rides are affordable, comfortable, and simple. You won’t have to worry about your car breaking down or delayed flights when you choose to travel by bus. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of bus rides this holiday season!


The Road Towards a Stress-Free Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is fast approaching. It’s a time to celebrate family and friends. Sometimes, however, it may be difficult to travel a long distance in order to visit relatives for this holiday feast. This is where bus rides come into play. Since Misioneros Bus Lines provides a daily route from El Paso to Seattle (with many stops throughout California and the West Coast) you’ll be able to plan your Thanksgiving trip without a single worry! If you’re planning on taking your entire family to any other city in the United States, you can hire our charter bus services. This option is perfect for large groups, as well. Perhaps you can invite another family or two to go with you on your bus ride! What’s great about charter services is the unbridled freedom they provide. Simply tell us where you need to go and we’ll take you there, all at an affordable price!


Don’t Worry About Travel This Christmas Season


Flying cross-country during the holidays is one of the most stressful things you could put yourself through. Not only are the airports full to the brim, but every other traveler is equally sleep deprived and stressed out. The cost is scarcely worth it as the planes tend to be incredibly cramped. If only there were a simpler, less stressful option. Well, you’re in luck because there is! The Misioneros Bus Lines fleet is designed to provide optimum comfort and the storage section is large enough to fit your Christmas presents! No need to worry about luggage fees, either. We’ll get you from Point A to Point B and back again and you’ll be able to spend time with your loved one. We can help you make this holiday season as “no-stress” as possible. Contact Misioneros Bus Lines today to learn more about what we have to offer.

Visit These Gems of the Southwest For Your Next Family Trip

A busy Santa Fe shopping center at sunsetCharter bus rental services tend to be linked to the transportation of sports teams or church groups to away games or conferences, respectively. These services can also be used to easily and affordably transport large groups of people from one place to another. You don’t need to be an all-star quarterback or part of a youth group to benefit from charter bus rental. Plan a trip with friends and family and we’ll take care of the transportation! Not sure where to go? Misioneros Bus Line is here to help. Below, you’ll find a handpicked selection of great locations you and your friends and/or family could visit for a spend weekend away.

Marfa, Texas

The small desert town of Marfa, Texas is synonymous with art and open expression. Marfa’s thriving art community is home to annual music, film, and art festivals. Take the infamous Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love, for example. This festival takes place in El Cosmico, a self-proclaimed “bohemian West Texas nomadic hotel.” World-renowned musicians such as Wilco, St. Vincent, and Future Islands performed at this year’s festival. Watching great live music, in the open air, under the beautiful Texas sky will be unlike any other concert-going experience you’ve participated in. Marfa Myths is another well-known music festival that takes place in this small West Texas town. Simply put, there’s something for everyone in Marfa.

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

If your group is looking for a more naturalistic retreat, consider Carlsbad Caverns! The stalactites and stalagmites of the Caverns are well-known around the world for their mysterious and otherworldly allure. Now, your friends and family can visit the Caverns in a comfortable, effortless ride. Since Carlsbad is only around two hours away, you can make this a day trip!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The city of Santa Fe is New Mexico’s art center. Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo foothills, the state’s capital is chock full of art galleries, shops, and restaurants. Santa Fe’s Pueblo-style architecture gives the entire city an anachronistic ambiance. Whether you’re interested in looking at the most interesting art in the Southwest or you’d like to purchase beautiful turquoise jewelry, then Santa Fe is the place for you!

Make Your Trip Come True with Charter Bus Rental Services

These are just a few nearby options from which you can choose. When you choose bus rental services from Misioneros Bus Line, you won’t have to worry about anything! We’ll transport your group wherever you need to go. Since our buses are spacious and comfortable, your group will be able to relax and rest on the way to and from the destination. Contact us today to learn more about our charter bus rental services!

How To Prepare For Your First Cross Country Bus Ride

woman sleeping on bus rides wearing an eye mask and a neck pillowThe best way to experience the true beauty of the United States first-hand is by embarking on cross-country bus rides. If you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable way to see the West Coast, choose Misioneros Bus Lines. Our daily West Coast routes make traveling easy and effortless. But if this is your first time partaking in a long, cross-country bus ride, you may need to prepare accordingly. We’re here to help. We’ve outlined a few tips and tricks that can make your first journey one for the books!

#1) Dress Comfortably

Since bus rides are much longer than plane trips, you should wear comfortable clothing. The temperature within buses tends to fluctuate between hot and cold, depending on the time of day and outside temperature. With this in mind, it might be best to layer in such a way that you can remove a layer of clothing in order to be more comfortable if necessary. A bus ride can be ruined by not dressing appropriately. Make sure to look up what the weather will be at your final destination, as well.

#2) Pack Snacks

Although buses do make stops throughout their journeys, they’re often few and far between. If your particular bus ride is a long one, pack a few snacks and even some water bottles to satiate you throughout the journey. Pack snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, as well. Peanuts, sandwiches, fruit, and chips are just a few examples of what you can bring. Not only will this save you from hunger while on your trip, it will also be more affordable than buying food at gas stations!

#3) Don’t Forget the Entertainment

Even though the Misioneros Bus Lines fleet are all state-of-the-art buses with comfortable seats and televisions, you should still bring your own forms of entertainment. Bus rides up the West Coast can take many hours so it’s best to have options to keep yourself entertained during that time. Books, music, crossword puzzles, and portable video game systems can all come in handy.

#4) Relax and Unwind!

Since you’ll be on a bus for many hours, you can take advantage of the comfortable seats and sleep until you reach your destination. Bring a small blanket, a neck pillow, and maybe even soundproofing earphones and a sleeping mask. You’ll sleep as soundly as a baby! And you’ll be rewarded by reaching your destination as you sleep. It doesn’t get much better than this!

#5) When it Comes to Bus Rides, Choose Misioneros Bus Lines!

Misioneros Bus Lines proudly transports individuals and groups across the United States and throughout Mexico. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!

Plan a Budget Friendly Summer Trip to Portland

A beautiful view of Portland Oregon's city skylineDreaming of traveling to the Pacific Northwest? There’s no better time to make your thoughts a reality than this summer. While the cost of a round-trip airline ticket can easily crush your dreams, don’t be discouraged. You can save money by traveling on the Misioneros Bus Line. Misioneros makes regular routes from the sunny state of  California up to the green high deserts of Oregon. Along with saving you money, you can experience the captivating sights along the west coast.

If you’re ready to pack your bags for a budget-friendly getaway to Portland, then we have some suggestions as to what you’ll want to see and do while visiting the City of Roses.   

Traveling Tips for Portland

#1) Attire 

With the abundance of outdoor activities, the city has to offer, you’ll want to pack comfortable walking shoes. During the summer, the weather in Portland is sunny, with occasional rain, and often reaching the high 80s. As for clothes, you’ll want to wear breathable clothing material like cotton or linen so you can comfortably move around.     

#2) Accessories

To be well prepared for the rain, pack an umbrella or raincoat. Since you’ll likely be spending a good amount of time outdoors, a hat and sunscreen will keep your skin free of sunburns. We also suggest a lightweight bag to carry your necessities along with brochures and souvenirs picked up along the way.

Things to Do and See in Portland

#1) Outdoors

There’ll be plenty of free activities to enjoy as Portland’s landscape is an outdoor playground waiting to be explored. Portland is home to 14 distinct bridges that can be walked or biked across. Make a list and cross them out as you spot them along with your commute. Be sure to make your way to Washington Park where you can plan for a picnic under the Coast Redwood trees. The 159-acre park also hosts the Oregon Zoo, International Rose Test Garden, Portland Japanese Garden, Vietnam Veterans of Oregon Memorial, and the Oregon Holocaust Memorial. For a picturesque view, make your way to Silver Falls State Park where you can view breathtaking waterfalls.

#2) Museums

Enjoy time indoors by exploring Portland’s numerous inspiring museums. Discover the deep-rooted importance of trees and forests at the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum. It’ll change the way you look at trees. If animation and the arts are more your things, visit the Art and Science of LAIKA at the Portland Art Museum where you can learn how motion pictures are made. For a trail unlike any other, spend time at Portland’s’ Shanghai Tunnels, home of the city’s infamous catacombs and where stories of murder and mystery will spike your imagination.

#3) Nightlife

The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down in Portland. Whether you’re looking to grab a drink at a horror-themed bar (The Lovecraft) or sip on a Mai Tai with the sounds of a volcano in the background (Hale Pele), the possibilities of a night out on the town are endless. Portland’s Entertainment District is a offers a wide selection of food, drinks, and music.     

Where to Eat in Portland

#1) Breakfast Spots

For a hearty meal, Zell’s Cafe has you covered. They have a selection of corned beef, eggs, and potatoes, along with French toast and waffles. The best part of their menu is the German pancake, which is large enough for an entire table to share. For a classic Portland spot, Besaw’s comfort food, established in 1903 will fill your stomach’s with their ‘dream cakes’ which are three cinnamon sticky bun pancakes with cream cheese frosting, topped with walnuts and toffee sauce. You also can’t go wrong with their chicken and waffles or pecan smoked pastrami sandwich.       

#2) Something New

When you’re in Portland, it’s a good time to open up your taste buds to something unfamiliar. Pok Pok (NW) is a pleasant fuse of regional foods from Thailand and Southeast Asia. Experience the blend of spices in the ‘kai krapao khai dao’, which is minced chicken and long beans, krapao (a Thai basil), white onion, black soy, fish sauce, garlic and dry chilies.    

#3) Cheap and Savory

The best of both worlds come together when a meal is inexpensive and high in flavor. Portland is famous for its numerous establishments offering cheap meals that don’t shy away from deliciousness. We suggest hamburgers from Killer Burger who serve a mountain-size beef patty with toppings that include bacon, pickles, and cheese sandwiched together with fresh buns. For a variety of local, inexpensive dishes, be sure to make your way to downtown Portland’s collection of food carts where you’ll find tacos, barbeque, Japanese-inspired dishes, mini burgers, waffles, and pizza.        

Start Planning Today

If Portland, Oregon has been on your list of places to visit, then this summer is the time to finally make it happen. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. If you travel on Misioneros Bus Line you’ll save money and discover new parts of the west coast.


Charter Bus Service: Why It’s Your Best Option

The wide open road in the desert with mountains to the left and right

If you have to take a large of people from point A to point B, you should consider the options available. Charter bus service may be your best bet for a variety of reasons. No matter where you have to go in the United States, choose Misioneros Bus Lines.

What’s the Big Deal About Charter Bus Service?

If you’re in need of great ease and convenience when traveling, you should consider charter bus service. These services provide ease of mobility for large groups. Say you’re planning an upcoming mission trip for your church’s youth group. The best, and most efficient, way to move large groups of people is through charter bus service. Not only are these busses larger and more comfortable, they also allow for complete ease of mobility. When you hire a charter bus for your upcoming trip, you’ll be able to specify the end location as well as all the stops along the way. There’s truly no better way to travel across the state or the country!

Let’s compare charter bus service to the two most common forms of transportation: the car and the plane. First off, a car (or van) may not be large enough to accommodate the people who are going on said trip. This may cause the trip organizer to have to rent more cars or ask more people to drive. Not only will this turn into a logistical nightmare, it will end up becoming more expensive and less efficient.

Airplanes, on the other hand, are faster but much more expensive. The price for five round-trip plane tickets could very much cover the cost of renting a charter bus, which will be able to transport much more than just five people.

Choose Misioneros Bus Lines, Today!

Charter buses are an optimal and affordable form of transportation for those who want to transport as many people as possible. Not only are charter buses efficient, they are also incredibly comfortable. Charter buses include relaxing seats, comfortable temperatures, and a restroom so your travelers can be comfortable throughout the entire trip. If you’re in the border region, contact Misioneros Bus Lines today! Our buses are all brand new and our drivers all have over ten years of experience. When you choose us, you’re choosing safety and comfort. So, if you’re ready to get this trip started, reach out to our team today!